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Consultation Questionnaire

King's Academy Oakwood

As part of the process of opening a brand new school we are running a consultation to ensure that everyone with an interest has the opportunity to give us their views.

There are four key areas where we would welcome your views:-

1. Our Mission

Through our ethos, our extended curriculum, our entrepreneurial approach and international dimension we will ensure students develop into confident, rounded individuals, equipped for life in an ever changing world. Do you support the vision, mission and ethos of King's Group Academies?*

2. Admissions

We propose to integrate our Admissions with the process run across Bracknell Forest as we believe taking a joined-up approach is in the best interests of all of the children in the area. Our full policy can be found at the bottom of this page as well as further information on the Local Authority’s approach. Do you support our proposed approach to Admissions?*

3. Our Approach

4. Support for KAO to open

The Department for Education will want to know that there is support for King's Group Academies opening the new school. Do you agree that we should sign a Funding Agreement which will enable us to open and run the new school?*

Thank you very much for completing this questionnaire. If you would like to give us information on who you are that would help us with analysing the responses. This is entirely voluntary and responses will be held in confidence.