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King’s Group Academies: Opportunity and Success on a Global Stage

The King’s Group Academies’ mission is to equip all pupils with the confidence, knowledge, skills and values that will enable them to thrive in the modern world.

Built on strong British traditions of respect, fairness and tolerance, our Academies strive for academic excellence, enriched with opportunities for personal development and success.

Our vision is to create a global community of pupils and staff; broadening horizons, fostering understanding and raising aspirations by connecting our Academies with other schools across the world.

Every King’s Group Academy pupil will have:

  • Our confidence in their ability to achieve their maximum potential , irrespective of their background or starting point;
  • Participation (with their parents) – in shaping their education;
  • The opportunity to learn a language;
  • A broad, challenging and engaging curriculum encouraging learning through discovery, especially through innovative use of technology; and,
  • Teachers and school staff who are passionate about their success.

To achieve this, we strive:

  • To build a positive partnership with parents, expecting them to hold us to account while providing support and prompting our continuous improvement.
  • To foster strong local relationships with other schools, universities, colleges and employers to pave the way for our pupils to progress; and,
  • To create a learning environment for staff as well as pupils, where every member of the team is a stakeholder with opportunities for both professional and career development and national and international collaboration to learn and improve.

We take inspiration from Britain’s long history of scholarly endeavour and the beliefs, culture and values that have formed the backbone of our society for centuries.