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Nick Cross
Chief Executive Officer, KGA 

Nick is a National Leader of Education and a Pupil Premium System Leader. He was formerly Deputy CEO of the Greenshaw Learning Trust and Director of School Improvement for the Kent Catholic Schools Partnership, a large multi-academy trust in Kent.  Prior to that he was Head of an outstanding comprehensive school, with borough-leading results at GCSE and A level and he also has significant experience of promoting and setting up free schools. He is a Certified Business Coach.  He was Chair of PiXL6 and served as a registered Ofsted inspector for over four years.

Sue Collins
Director of Finance, KGA 

Sue is a Chartered Management Accountant who has worked in education since 2000 and in academies since 2011. Prior to that she worked in financial management in other not-for-profit areas, and also has experience of working with commercial organisations.

Richard Hunter
Lead for Primary Improvement and for Work in Portsmouth 

Richard is the former Director of Primary Education for the SSAT and is also a highly experienced and successful Primary School Headteacher. Richard has considerable experience of school improvement and support work across England as a National Leader of Education.

Other Consultants Available to KGA

David Cross
Financial Planning 

David has extensive experience of school finance. He has advised schools, school groups, local education authorities, academies and free schools on all matters of financial management.  He is asked to act as a ‘trouble shooter’ on financial issues.

He has provided support to a number of Local Authorities (LA) in reviewing their use of the Dedicated Schools Grant and the impact of the  Academies Act on their funding and organisation. This includes project managing the interface between the LA, its relevant departments and the converting school. Other experience includes Special Educational Needs Reviews, Early Years Reviews, School Business Management and BSF Project Management from a school perspective.

David has direct experience of supporting schools undergoing change, supporting schools and  a carrying out financial analysis and budget construction for a range of establishments.

Dame Sylvia Morris
Standards and Quality Assurance - Primary 

Sylvia is the former outstanding primary head teacher of the Cathedral School of St Saviour and St Mary Overy in Southwark. Sylvia has considerable experience of supporting schools as a National Leader of Education and has been instrumental in providing fast turnaround support to schools in London and the South East. She also has extensive experience of school governance.

Gareth Long
New School Development (Operational Lead) 

Gareth is recognised for his expertise in education transformation, design of learning spaces, school leadership and leading a wide range of projects. As a leading education specialist and independent advisor with 30 years experience, Gareth brings a wealth of knowledge and a dynamic approach to all areas of education. He is involved in a wide range of UK and international school projects.

As a ‘trouble shooting’ Headteacher he very successfully led four secondary schools, three in London and one abroad, including two simultaneously.

Hannah Jones
Innovation & Technology (SEND) 

Hannah has extensive experience in the strategic national integration of ICT in learning.  She has led several of the UK’s largest leadership programmes at the National College for School Leadership (NCSL), including the highly successful Strategic Leadership of ICT (SLICT) and Building Schools for the Future programmes.

During her time at NCSL, Hannah initiated, designed and delivered high quality leadership programmes for over 15,000 school leaders.  External evaluations of these programmes were extremely positive with Ofsted identifying the programmes as a strong agent for change in teaching and learning practices and for leadership and management.

Prior to her time at NCSL, Hannah was Director of the first Interactive Whiteboard Pilot at the National Strategies that was, within one year, rolled out to a National Programme, with £50M secured for schools.