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Our UK academies will be academically excellent and steeped in British traditions. Whilst utilising the most up to date teaching and learning approaches, our academies will support our students to gain the confidence, resilience and appetite to succeed in life. Working with the wider King’s family, the academies will offer an exceptional and enriching international dimension.

King’s Group has a long and distinguished history of educational leadership. British schools from as far away as Asia and Latin America look to King’s for inspiration and admire our expertise in all areas of education.

All King’s Group Academies will aim to:

  • Create a culture of high aspiration, motivation and achievement for all
  • Build a strong community based on fairness and personal responsibility
  • Welcome, value and respect all who come into the Academy
  • Be reflective and committed to our ongoing development of teachers and leaders, in our continuous striving for excellence
  • Promote positive dialogue and partnerships within the communities we serve
  • Provide an innovative and challenging curriculum that will motivate our students to achieve beyond expectations
  • Appoint teachers who are passionate about their subject, energised by learning and capable of delivering outstanding teaching
  • Ensure global connectivity is the ‘golden thread’ that runs through all our academies