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Kings Group Academies  is committed to providing high standards of safeguarding for children and adults across the Trust. Below are the relevant leaders across the Trust who have a role in either directly leading on safeguarding protocol or in monitoring the implementation of the policy and procedures 
CEO Nick Cross
Trustee responsible for safeguarding Di Smith
          King's Academy Binfield
          King's Academy Oakwood
          King's Academy College Park Infant
          King's Academy College Park Junior 
          King's Academy Northern Parade Infant
          King's Academy Northern Parade Junior
          King's Academy Prospect
          King's Academy Ringmer 
          King's Academy Easthampstead Park

King's Group Academies (KGA) will ensure all policies linked to the safeguarding of children are updated in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education. The policies are accessible to all staff through the staff intranet and through the school websites. Policies and procedures are reviewed and revised regularly by the Trustees of KGA. 

Each academy within KGA:

  • completes an annual internal safeguarding audit and addresses any highlighted areas for further development 
  • is externally audited by an objective safeguarding professional and addresses highlighted development points 
  • has the single central record reviewed on a half termly basis
  • attends the KGA safeguarding meetings on a half termly basis and cascades to deputy safeguarding leads and other staff as appropriate 
  • provides a half termly report to the Board of Trustees which is then scrutinised and rigorously analysed 
  • ensures Designated Safeguarding Leads attend regular safeguarding meetings and training held by their Local Children's Safeguarding Partnership Board 
  • ensures all designated leads within the Trust take part in regular supervision meetings 
To view the safeguarding policy please click on the links below :