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International Dimension

Opportunity & Success on a Global Stage

Our vision is to create a global community of pupils and staff; broadening horizons, fostering understanding and raising aspirations by connecting our Academies with other schools across the world.

Enabling international collaboration within education not only adds breadth to the curriculum, it builds cultural understanding, improves communication skills and promotes knowledge and awareness of the wider world that may be otherwise unattainable. It exposes students to the world of global work, including careers they may never have imagined.

Through our International Dimension, we offer Honorary Overseas Membership of King’s Group Academies for schools outside the UK who are interested in partnering on collaborative projects for both students and staff. Each academy has a dedicated International Coordinator who works closely with our International Director to evaluate their school and implement work to promote global connectivity.


What this means for students:

  • Long-running peer-to-peer, classroom-to-classroom relationships that will grow and evolve as the pupils move through the school;
  • Collaboration across cultures and countries through concerts, virtual field trips, art exhibitions and passion projects;
  • Gap Year opportunities for 6th Form Leavers.
  • A real understanding of, and connection to, the wider world;
  • English Language Development Support;
  • Language Exchange;
  • Student Exchanges.


Opportunities for staff:

  • To expand teaching and learning beyond the classroom;
  • To collaborate with, and learning from, fellow educators across the globe;
  • Access to extended professional development opportunities via partner schools;
  • Short-term working exchanges in partner schools overseas;
  • To lead and support on overseas student trips.

Visit our International Partnership Projects page for a flavour of the work we do through the KGA International Dimension

The Honorary Overseas Membership of KGA offer is endorsed by the Association of British Schools Overseas (AoBSO), an organisation for the leaders of DfE accredited British Schools Overseas (BSO) and is currently building partnerships with British International Schools, local schools and charitable organisations across three continents.

For more information and to join our International Dimension, please refer to the prospectus below and contact Louisa Perkins.

Louisa Perkins

International Director