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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions, along with answers. If you have any further questions or comments please use the box at the bottom of the page to submit them.

What are the admissions criteria?

Whilst King’s Group Academies will be exempt from local authority control, we will typically follow the local School Admissions Code policies, wherever possible. The school will be completely inclusive and children will not have to sit any kind of entrance test, nor will we band on admission.

What will the school hours be?

King’s Group Academies may operate a longer school day that normal. Each school will determine locally its opening hours in consultation with the main Board.

Religious Education and planned ethos

Religious Education, pastoral care arrangements and the Personal, Social and Health programmes encourage students to discuss a wide range of issues, appropriate to their age, and to develop an understanding of current events and issues.

The school will have a non-denominational Christian ethos, but will explore all religions through a full Religious Education curriculum following the locally agreed syllabus. All staff will be appointed solely on merit irrespective of religious affiliation. The school will have non-selective and non-religious admission arrangements and will welcome children of all religions and none, cultures, and nationalities.

One of our key objectives is to develop enquiring minds in our pupils, so they have an independent approach to learning with a wide range of research skills. In our “all through” schools, the broad curriculum of the Primary years gradually becomes more focused as students move through the Secondary years towards final examinations in their chosen subjects. The result of this is an excellent foundation for Higher Education in the world’s best universities.

Our main goal is to foster student development so that each individual reaches his or her full potential in every aspect of school life. We will complement a rigorous academic education with a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Why would a private fee-paying school in Spain come to the UK to offer the same education, but for free?

The King’s Group vision is “To be at the forefront of British education internationally”.

Our motivation has two elements:

Part of our mission is to “contribute to the wider community”. We want to contribute our expertise to ensure students in the UK have the same opportunites as other students in our group of schools.

We believe that our teachers and students in our English schools will benefit considerably from a close relationship with our international schools, providing a host of unique educational opportunities.

So "What's in it for King's"?

The answer lies in the benefits for students in their schools in the UK and overseas. King’s Group Academies in the UK will benefit from overseas links with King’s schools overseas and vice versa. For example these links would give children in different countries the opportunity to speak to each other, undertake joint projects, and develop an understanding of life elsewhere through exploiting modern technology. We believe that students and staff will benefit from the global connectivity and unique opportunities that the King’s Group has to offer whilst receiving the highest quality education

Sir Roger Fry, Chairman of the King’s Group was brought up in Portsmouth and attended the local schools. Once qualified, he started his teaching career in a Portsmouth secondary modern school before moving abroad to start teaching.

Since those days he has always vowed to give something back to the UK education system so UK students could have the same opportunities as those in the King’s Group Schools abroad. Hence the establishment of King’s Group Academies. This is not a profit making venture, rather an altruistic move by Sir Roger Fry dedicated to offering students the best education they can get.