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About KGA

I am delighted to welcome you to the King’s Group Academies (KGA) website.

KGA offers a unique home for schools wishing to join us. Our parent organisation; King’s Group, has nearly 50 years’ experience of delivering outstanding educational opportunities in an increasingly wide range of international contexts. All our international schools offer the English national curriculum and typically teaching staff hold PGCE. BEd or other equivalent qualifications. We look to our Academy heads, however, to help drive improvement within KGA through our Education Board, supported by a group of trustees with a considerable depth of international, business and financial expertise.

We believe in our distinctiveness:

  • KGA is driven by a clear moral purpose. This translates into an expectation that all young people can and will achieve, but within an open, value-driven environment.
  • We will work closely with governors, senior staff and parents of schools looking to join us to ensure complete transparency in working with KGA. We expect to be able to demonstrate that all schools, whatever their circumstances, will benefit by joining the King’s family.
  • We believe to succeed we must take risks. Providing a supportive but challenging environment to staff and students is vital. However, we also hold that we are only as strong as our weakest member and so share a collective responsibility for success, as well as preventing failure. This translates particularly well to new school considerations and we welcome approaches from parents looking to establish a free school, or to support an existing school.
  • Whilst others talk about global connectivity – we live it! This represents a great deal more than connecting our schools around the world with English-speaking schools. It represents our ability to afford students the opportunity to become part of a an international community with alumni in global industries willing to share their expertise, experience and contacts. This has included head boys and head girls working together on cross-school projects.
  • We believe that the attributes of the entrepreneur are the underpinning skills necessary to quickly make an impact in any employment situation. Our focus on these 21st century skills gives our students a cutting edge when seeking employment – our students are more employable and work ready and successful.
  • As a part of our core we offer an extended curriculum ensuring our students gain a genuinely broad education that is fun and enjoyable, whilst developing their team work and resilience – our students become genuinely rounded individuals, capable of being adaptable and versatile.
  • King’s Group has developed a highly regarded brand. We have students in all the Russell Group universities and their global competitors. Our brand unlocks doors for our students – we give our students access to the best.

Should you wish further information about KGA, please do contact me at

Kindest regards,

Nick Cross

Chief Executive Officer
King’s Group Academies