December Newsletter 2021

King’s Academy Ringmer Newsletter December 2021 Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Governors, Well, what an eventful first term in so many ways! I met with the Senior Student Council in September and we all agreed that this was the term to get our mojo back! We recalled excitedly the fabulous Sports Day we had had in the summer and willed our Autumn term to be as energetic and enthusiastic and, in many ways, it was. We have been able to organise trips to museums, activity centres, art galleries theatres and more. I asked the staff for clubs and ‘ Oh my, did we get Clubs! ’ to quote myself. The library is open and buzz- ing with students joining book clubs, the student - run chess club, art clubs and those who just wanted to be part of the mellow and absorbing atmosphere. Every time I walked past the information screen, a new staff - run club had been announced - Debating Society, board games and astronomy. I my- self have popped into Revels, our LGBTQ club, and sat and listened to a very engaging Year 11 club on the history of conflict. The Student council and I have planned a Winter Fayre, a foodbank collection and have exciting plans for Comic Relief next term! We talked seriously about how to safe- guard the younger students and planned assemblies on key issues – I have been so overwhelmed with pride this term for so many reasons. Yet, in the background we are still battling the virus, which has reappeared this term and battered us once again like an Atlantic storm. Just when we thought we were hit us, not even I avoided the dreaded Covid which knocks you back and halts your progress. It has affected our staff with up to 20% of them being hit on some weeks and our students as we suffered two outbreaks in KS3. So December arrives and once again it feels as though we are limping towards the end of term, hope upon hope that we will all be well, see our loved ones and make some memories – and we will. We are an amazing community: kind, ambitious and resilient. We will work hard to make this Christmas special even though once again our celebration assembly, alongside our Music Concert, will be remote and we will have to forgo our traditional Christmas lunch. Today, in Student council, the Year 11s sadly remarked ‘ We will have a big gap in our Yearbook – because of Covid - nothing happened we didn ’ t go anywhere we took no pictures in school. ’ So, we flipped it on its head - ok we will embrace it. We will write memories of when we were in lockdown, we will find different photos - maybe not in school uniform but certainly doing our best to make to most of what we could - and we will embrace it – maybe even call it The Covid Section! No, I am not suggesting we embrace Covid but I think we have to begin to make it part of our history, part of shaping us and giving us strength and determination. I will never forget my first two years as a headteacher and could not have wished for a more remarkable ‘ family ’ to support me. I look forward to next year, and the next, and am determined to support this wonderful school through its next adventure. Have a wonderful Christmas and raise a glass to the ‘ family ’ that is King ’ s Academy Ringmer! Sian Williams Principal Art & Photography trip to the V&A Museum Foodbank collection